Asia Pacific Autism Conference

In August of 2017, George attended the Asia Pacific Autism Conference, at APAC discussing his story and the mission behind Gardening A Difference. Check out the full video on our YouTube page linked in the menu bar.

The 30 Day Homeless Challenge

Over the month of January, George participated in a social awareness project called the 30 day homeless challenge to raise awareness for people who find themselves living on the street. To do this, he spent a month living rough – sleeping in parks, showering in public bathrooms, and living life as a startlingly high number of Australians do every day. He did this while still running his business, as well as maintaining his second job. Over the course of the month, he made a series of videos that will be tied together to make a short documentary about life on the streets, which will be released by the end of March.

Many people who live homeless in Australia suffer from issues that forced them into this situation. Depression and other mental health issues are often key problems, whether they’re intrinsic to that individual or brought on by personal struggles these people are going through. George’s aim was to raise awareness of the issues they go through every day, hoping to bring to light not just that these are people who need our help, but exactly how they end up in this situation so we can solve the root of the problem.

Volunteer Event

On the 25th of Feb 2017 Gardening A Difference organised a volunteer event as part of the action they would like to create in the community. We came together to create a change within society. A chance to prosper action to help those in need. As a result we created a difference in the life of a person suffering with mental health problems so that now when bombarded with negative emotions instead of looking outside to more chaos she can find a little peace here in a newly tamed garden. Its the moments like this that give Gardening A Difference its true meaning.


We’re starting this crowdfunding page because we want to be able to expand Gardening a Difference. Our end goal is to provide employment for as many people as we can, whether they’re suffering from depression or living with autism. We want to be able to buy reliable equipment, get our own premises with space for more formal training, and possibly buy an extra couple of vehicles so we can get more people working at once. We need your help to make this happen – Every dollar we make we look forward to re-investing in the community to help combat the social issues many people struggle with every day.

Please have a look, like and share on Facebook, and consider donating a small amount – Every penny helps!