Gardening A Difference offers supportive employment for individuals on the autism spectrum and those facing mental health.

Our vision here is to create a supportive employment program for individuals who are struggling to find or maintain work and through this program help them to transition into the workplace and ultimately aid them into becoming a contributing, valued and fulfilled member within society. Although this vision is still some way off we already putting programs into place to support our employees in ways we are confident will help and with the current means that we have available. The health and wellbeing of our employees is foremost in our endeavours within the Gardening A Difference program and so we want to take our time to ensure every aspect is properly risk assets and designed to help and not hinder our participants while taking into account the individuality of each.

Our program is designed for individuals to be employed for a period of 6 to 12 months where we will help to transition them into the work force practicing and teaching skills that will accommodate this goal. The program is broken down into three progressive core stages each with multiple sub stages. The three core stage are consistent with all participants, however substages are varied depending on the needs and preferences of the participant. The programs within the stages are run both within and external to work and include participation with third party professionals where required.


The foundational stage is to practice and teach ways of improving the participants physiological so as to create a strong and stable platform for positive emotional and psychological regulation to take place. We hope to achieve this with programs such as Exercise therapy, Nutritional education and recording and Meditation.


Our aim at this stage is to practice and teach ways to improve the participants psyche so as to improve the output and success of ambition. Methods and programs to achieve this include Self Exploration, Education, and Creativity Workshops.


In the final stage of our program we emerge the participant within communities to fight isolation, create feelings belongingness and fulfillment and opportunities to contribute to society. Here things are broken down into two programs, the immersion into communities and participation within organisations creating positive social change.

Looking For Employment?  

Currently we are not taking on new participants to our program however feel free on make and enquiry about more information and have a spot reserved on our waiting list.

Can you help us with out programs?

We are looking for services providers to help us to expand our supportive employment program. We are looking for business that provide services that help to achieve any of the three stages. Listed below are some examples of services that could be included in out program.

Nutritionist, Art therapy, Adventure therapy, Learning experiences/ Education, Counselling, Community groups, Autism based programs, Mental Health based programs, Self help groups, Boot camps, Retreats.