When we set out to start Gardening A Difference we wanted to be more than just another business, we wanted to advocate change. To show that you don’t have to be a scientist, inventor or politician to change the world, we thought two humble gardeners could give it a go. Gardening A Difference represents the future of business, business that strives for a better world.

When deciding how to do this, it seemed pretty simple. We chose to make a difference towards things that had personally affected us, things that we knew about and believed could use a business like us to create awareness and supportive employment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build and maintain beautiful gardens for Brisbane, and support people of all ages who are struggling to maintain a fulfilling life within the workforce. While doing this, we hope to help Aussies understand a little bit more about autism spectrum disorder, and how depression is affecting the young and old, while. We want to show that everyone has something that affects them personally, something they can be passionate about changing. To not be ashamed of it, but use personal experience to help other struggling where we have struggled before, knowing it will be challenging but rewarding and worthwhile day after day.

Our Pillars

Our pillars are the foundation of Gardening A Difference. It is these four pillars that will allow us to achieve our mission. It is our belief that any business can incorporate these same pillars as a foundation for there business to stand upon. These pillars can be used for any mission, to hold up any business models by anyone. 


By employing Australians of all ages who struggle with depression, anxiety, and autism. By providing them with the training and support they need, we can help people who face these issues to overcome them, as well as be a part of something bigger.


 Educating the public about mental health and Autism Spectrum Disorder. An educated and aware public  is the best way to combat these issues.


Charity is at the core of everything we do, from the support provided to our employees to the fundraiser and community outreach.    


Inspire others to do that same. If everyone chooses to make a difference towards something they personally believe in, than little by little, thing by thing, passion by passion, the world will change.


Brothers Harry and George were both born and raised in Brisbane in a family of 9. Growing up the brothers were designated as the family gardeners, helping their father Robert around the yard from the day they could pick up a rake.

Harry Arkinstall

Harry graduated from St James College in 2010. He enjoys the little things in life, games and saga’s, family and celebrations, long quiet walks and a day in the garden. Diagnosed with autism at a young age Harry attended Glenleighden School for language disorders where they helped him endlessly along his journey. He would like the opportunity to say thank you to all the people that helped him and wished that the same help he received is available to everyone.

George Arkinstall

George graduated from Kelvin Grove College in 2012 and became a qualified personal trainer at Mick Corey’s Health and Fitness. During high school George went through a depressive stage of life and found refuge in exercise and meditation. He took the opportunity to start Gardening a Difference to create a job for his brother who was struggling to keep work at the time and it has since become a passion that he never expected.