In moments of silence I often find myself considering the depths of what I call myself.  It seems so often out of reach to succeed in the grasping the concept that is the nature of my being. As daunting as this challenge seems there is reassurance in that behind each and every face is an individual bound wondering in the solitude of each mind the same questions that I ask. Who am I? Where do I belong? Why? Why? Why? What is going on?

The point that I would like to make is of the difference between the being that asks these question and the fable that is portrayed as oneself. There is a story far too common in the world that is depression of a kind hearted soul; warm and affectionate, but tied upon their shoulders a burden goes unseen. Behind the confident smile and cheery eyes hides a throbbing pain that eats away and a dark and bitter logic to escape its looming presence.

This burden is bound within so do not hope to perceive it from your view here outside. It only is though empathy of another’s inner being that you can hope to help, empathy you can only hope to develop by first learning to know the being within yourself. Regardless of the self that anyone portrays, whether kind, bland or callous, treat each and every person with the respect and love you would hope for yourself. If by chance they carry this burden and you treat them in this manor you have handed them a life line, another reason to hold on.

Depression #11 Being vs Portrayed Being.

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