Have you ever wondered about the definition of ‘social autism’? Here is a definition of social autism from the online dictionary: ‘A person who causes undue awkwardness and misses normal social cues during conversation, while technically being considered “normal”.’

This applies to my lifestyle because of my experiences in social environment. One example is I always get involved with my scientific knowledge and intelligence. I spent so many years exploring the world of science because it interests me and I am so passionate about it. I learned so much about meteorology, astronomy, environmental sustainability and nature. I enjoy learning about this in my own time, this may seem like an ‘obsessions’ from a neuro-typical person. It makes me so compassionate when I share these experiences with others who have similar common interests. This builds my social confidence, and more ability to learn social and communication skills.

Mathew Townsend

Autism #10 “Social Autism”

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